About BC

Greetings from Mount Berry, Georgia. I’m an associate professor of journalism in the Communication Department at Berry College , with research interests in new media, communication law and the black press. Among the classes I teach are digital storytelling, freedom of expression, editing, media design, online community and media law.

I am also an adjunct professor in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina, teaching the graduate-level distance education course, Writing for Digital Media.

A little personal information? I’m from Greensboro, N.C., where I reported on, among other things, the Greensboro Hornets-Bats-Grasshoppers, UNCG soccer, UNC women’s soccer, and the home furnishings industry internationally. A graduate of Western Guilford High, UNC (2x) and UNCG, I miss North Carolina a great deal, especially seeing UNC basketball in person, eating Stamey’s BBQ and of course visiting the Carolina coast. I’m a huge baseball fan, a jazz aficionado, and I love my family (my wife of 22 years and three lovely girls).

Wandering Rocks (also the title of Chapter 1 of James Joyce’s Ulysses) is devoted to reactions and reflections on digital communication, writing and pedagogy.

2 Responses to About BC

  1. Michelle Shirley, USC, SC M.A.T. in English student says:

    I really like your rough draft workshop handout. I found it on google. Thanks! UNC’s page has a lot of great handouts. I’m in a Teaching Writing class, and these handouts were very helpful.
    Have a great day!
    ps. My fiance is a UNC grad. for his undergrad. he’s crazy about those tarheels!

  2. […] will likely name Simmons a “vortex or limited public figure” as defined on pages 274-275 of Brian Carroll’s book “Writing for Digital Media.” Simmons was operating the van that ran into the people who […]

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