Using lists online

October 6, 2007

In Writing for Digital Media, we are discussing what kinds of content lends itself to organization into lists, either ordered or unordered. Folks are coming up with some good categories of information.

List items should be related, they should be brief, and all should be consistent in presentation (verb tense, composition, approximate length, etc.).

Ryan Tuck, online editor at the Wilmington Star, suggested these categories:

  • components of a bill or law important to readers
  • requirements for submissions
  • aspects of a candidate search
  • background elements
  • details of a legal decision

Because Ryan’s list isn’t in order of priority, it’s unordered (no numbers, just bullets).

Alex Molaire, another 711 student, added these more specific examples:

  • Supplies needed for a project
  • Ingredients for a recipe
  • Package contents
  • Product features
  • Sub-sections of a long or multi-page article
  • Directions to create a photo gift or other project

What are we missing? What other kinds of content or information lend themselves to list formats?