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This month’s issue of FIRST MONDAY, a peer-reviewed journal on the Net, is devoted to selected papers from “Inspiring Discover: Unlocking Collections — WebWise 2006,” the seventh annual conference on libraries and museums in the digital world held in February.

One that may be of particular interest is “Scholarship and Academic Libraries (and their kin) in the World of Google,” the conference’s keynote address given by Paul N. Courant. First Monday, volume 11, number 8 (August 2006)] URL:

The prospect of ubiquitous digitization will not change the fundamental relationships among scholarship, academic libraries, and publication. Collaboration across time and space, which is a principal mechanism of scholarship, ought to be enhanced. Reforms in copyright law will be required if the promise of digitization is to be realized; absent such reform, there is a serious risk that much academically valuable material will become invisible and unused. Ubiquitous digitization will change radically the economics that have supported university–based collections of published material. Scholars and scholarly institutions (including libraries and university presses) must assert vigorously claims of fair use and openness.”

Please note: the author has placed the paper in the public domain, so feel free to share it with your colleagues.

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